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Ink and Toner

What is Ink and Toner?

Ink and toner are consumables used in printers, photocopiers, and fax machines in order to produce text or images. Ink is typically seen in the form of dye, watered down pigment, or liquid ink and is dispensed onto the page. Toner is usually a dry powder, which is transferred onto the page using electrostatic charges. Both ink and toner can be found in the form of cartridges, bottles, and refills.

Types of Ink and Toner

When looking for ink and toner, you will need to match the product to your specific printer. Printer manufacturers often sell their own ink and toner, but there are also third-party options available. Each type of ink or toner is designed to work differently, depending on the printer you have.

Some types of ink and toner include:

  • Laser toner cartridges
  • High capacity cartridges
  • Cartridge refills
  • Inkjet cartridges
  • Sublimation inks

Find the Best Discounts on Ink and Toner

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