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What Is Diapering?

Diapering is the process of keeping babies or toddlers clean and dry by using absorbent items, such as diapers and wipes. It’s a critical part of a parent or caregiver’s daily routine because diapers need to be changed frequently in order to keep the baby safe and comfortable. Diapering quickly becomes second nature to all parents and caregivers, but it’s important to understand the basics so you can make sure to have the right supplies and keep your little one protected.

Why Is Diapering Necessary?

Diapering is important because it keeps the baby comfortable and prevents diaper rash and other skin irritation. Diapers also allow you to avoid the mess and hassle of having a baby with a full diaper and can help with sleep training.

What Supplies Are Needed For Diapering?

Diapering supplies are relatively simple and can consist of just diapers, wipes, and a changing station or mat. If you are cloth diapering, you will also need cloth diaper covers, pail liners, and a way to clean the diapers (especially if you are using a washing machine). Additionally, many parents find diaper rash cream or ointment, as well as a container to keep the supplies organized, to be helpful.

Where Can I Find Diapering Discounts?

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